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Howlite Amazonite Sunstone Women's Bracelet

Howlite-Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet - Artifybox Best Seller



  • Chakra: Crown chakra
  • The stone for attention
  • Howlite dissolves blockages and helps to deal with new situations
  • Super calming stone, used to relieve stress
  • Strengthens the memory and stimulates the desire for knowledge
  • Calms communication, strengthens awareness and promotes emotional expression
  • Helps remove anger, pain, and stress


  • Chakra: throat chakra
  • Like waters deep and ancient, the amazonite calms the mind and soul
  • Its energy is as powerful as the river it is named after and as bold as the legendary warrior it is associated with
  • Nonetheless, it alleviates aggression, tames the irrational and calms unrest
  • He ensures harmony and balance
  • Protects against electromagnetic pollution
  • Soothing stone for the brain and nervous system
  • Dissolves negative energy, blockages in the nervous system


    • Chakra: sacral chakra
    • Brings joy, wealth and other positive feelings
    • Has a strong antidepressant effect
    • Strong stone for improving leadership skillsen
    • Combats fears and phobias
    • Increases personal strength and will and strengthens life energy
    • Sunstone is used in crystal healing to strengthen general health, physical energy, increase energy, against depression, phobias and stress-related illnesses

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