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 L.ass D.icH inspirieren! 

With us you will find lovingly hand-knotted malas made of 108 pearls and the overall composition of intention, knowledge and healing stones. The materials with high-quality precious stones / semi-precious stones / rudrakshas are carefully selected.

↠ What is a mala ↞

Mala beads are an ancient tradition that goes back to before the time of the rosaries. Malas have 108 pearls and a guru pearl also called bindu is the focus.. 

The number 108 has several meanings in many cultures:

  • 108 = 9 Planets, the by the 12 astrological character hike.
  • Buddhists believe, that it 108 human "Temptations" gives, the someone overcome got to around Enlightenment to Find.
  • The Sun is 108 times so large as the earth
  • It gives 108 Hindu Deities
  • The atomic Weight from silver corresponds 108
  • It gives 108 energetic Lines the in the Heart chakra converge. trÄGt man eine M.ala?

A mala is both a beautiful piece of jewelry and a companion on your positive life path.
Malas can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet. In order to develop the effect of the healing stones at night, you can also place the mala under your pillow.

↠ How to use the mala chain ↞

  • Seat cozy With more erect Spine and close yours Eyes.
  • Judge your attention after Inside and on your Breath. Breathe multiple times deep one and out around you With yours intention in Unison to bring.
  • If you a have, used a Mantra and repeat it loud or silent.
  • Hold the Mala in yours right hand between your middle finger and  Index finger.
  • Wander With the thumb above each Pearl, beginning With the guru pearl (Focus. 
  • Repeat the 108 times along the Mala, to you again at the guru pearl arrived are.


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