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Gold and silver bracelets collection

For the metallic accents of our pieces of jewelry, brass is the basic material, which is coated with a gold or silver layer. This gold or silver layer is available with a glossy or matt finish. In addition to the metallic accents, high-quality cords, durable rubber bands and natural gemstones such as rose quartz, labradorite, moonstone, citrine, amazon, amethyst are used.

These Artifybox for these reasons, pieces of jewelry are many times more valuable than conventional fashion jewelry from us and, with the right care, will retain their golden / silver shine for a very long time.

Some metallic accents in this collection include stainless steel accents as well as pendants. These are listed in the description of the respective piece of jewelry. Jewelry made of stainless steel is particularly resistant, very robust, rust– and nickel free and skin-friendly. So he usually solves no allergic reactions out. Also lit almost never starts and does not rub off. Jewelry made of stainless steel always looks high-quality and new. There are accents made of stainless steel in this collectionBracelets, as well as the aromatherapy collection and mantra necklaces.


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