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Tourmaline Quartz und Morganit Frauen-Armband

Amethyst & Rose-Quartz Gemstone Bracelet



Tourmaline Quartz

  • Chakras: Third-eye Chakra
  • Tourmaline purifies ones own energies and protects from negativity, while Quartz amplifies energies focused through it
  • It is often seen as a symbol of unity and is an effective problem solver
  • Tourmaline Quartz balances yin / yang energies.  It harmonises disparate and opposite elements and polarities, and turns negative thoughts and energies into positive ones
  • Tourmaline Quartz a powerful shield-stone


  • Chakra: All Chakras, primary: Heart Chakra
  • The stone of divine love
  • It is powerful to use for bringing the feminine love energy down to the navel chakra, for a memorable and loving experience
  • It is a potent support for women, enabling them to feel their own strength and beauty, from within
  • Used at the sacral or navel chakra, it may help to enhance your creativity

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