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Turmalin-Quartz und Rosen-Quartz / Morganit Frauen-Armbänder

Turmalin-Quartz und Rosen-Quartz / Morganit Frauen-Armbänder



Rose Quartz

  • Chakra: Heart Chakra
  • Stone of unconditional, universal love
  • Strengthens & balances physical heart, circulatory system
  • Stone restores trust & harmony in relationships
  • Calm, reassuring, loving vibes
  • Has the power to increase fertility, protect mother and fetus
  • Rose Quartz is a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children, providing beautiful dreams as well as preventing nightmares

Tourmaline Quartz

  • Chakras: Third-eye Chakra
  • Tourmaline purifies ones own energies and protects from negativity, while Quartz amplifies energies focused through it
  • It is often seen as a symbol of unity and is an effective problem solver
  • Tourmaline Quartz balances yin / yang energies.  It harmonises disparate and opposite elements and polarities, and turns negative thoughts and energies into positive ones
  • Tourmaline Quartz a powerful shield-stone


  • Chakra: All Chakras, primary: Heart Chakra
  • The stone of divine love
  • It is powerful to use for bringing the feminine love energy down to the navel chakra, for a memorable and loving experience
  • It is a potent support for women, enabling them to feel their own strength and beauty, from within
  • Used at the sacral or navel chakra, it may help to enhance your creativity

    ॐ Part of the New Mom Collection:
    Courage | Joy | Empowerment
    <<<Rose quartz>>> helps you in this new chapter of your life. Wear these bracelets when you are ready to start your new beginning into motherhood. Connected to the heart center, 
    it is one of the foremost stones representing the feminine principle. Promotes Mommy-Baby bond, enhances love & relationships with the vibration of love and compassion. 
    Handcrafted jewelry featuring beautiful silver-toned brass details and stainless steel charms.

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